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At Simson’s accounting agency, we place great focus on the relationship between agency and customer. We always work to be able to help our customers in the best way and be there as support in case something should come up or that need advice on the company’s finances. With our long experience in economics and finance, we want to be able to help you in the best way by providing advice and support regarding the company’s development.

Simplified or regular financial statements

Everyone who runs a sole proprietorship must, at the end of the financial year, prepare financial statements in accordance with the Accounting Act. Financial statements contain the company’s existing accounts during the past year and consist of a balance sheet and an income statement. As a sole proprietorship with a turnover of less than SEK 3 million, you can prepare a simplified financial statement. In a simplified financial statement, you as an individual company only need to contain a balance sheet and income statement.

If your individual company has a turnover that exceeds SEK 3 million, you need to compile a financial statement that includes a balance sheet, income statement and additional information or notes. Whether your company wants help with simplified or regular financial statements, we can help you.

Simple and worry-free economy

Getting help from an accounting agency with the financial statements has many benefits. We make sure that all documentation is produced and keeps track of everything being sent in on time. We help you ensure that the balance on all accounts in the balance sheet matches and checks unpaid customer and supplier invoices and reviews inventory and assets.

We also offer other services in current accounting that you can combine with the service for financial statements at a favorable price. Contact us if you want to know more about our services and how we can help your individual company with the financial statements.

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Hire a professional accounting agency so you don’t have to worry about whether that financial statement was done correctly or not.

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