Financial statement

Do you run a company in Stockholm and need help with the financial statements or the yearly accounting report? We at Simson’s Accounting agency are here to help you. We offer solutions and financial consulting to small and large companies in the Stockholm area. Our focus is on creating a tailored solution, which means that we adapt our services to exactly your needs.

Time to submit financial statements?

It is probably no coincidence that you are on our website, soon the financial year is over and you need to submit financial statements. You can choose whether you want to submit yearly accounting report or yearly financial statement. How should you submit yearly financial statement or  yearly accounting report?
Which form of the financial statement is most suitable for you depends on the type of company you have and the size of your business.

How to produce a financial statement?

In order to produce financial statements, it is required that we compile the company’s transactions in two documents, the income statement and the balance sheet. To make our process easier, it is also appreciated if you can check that the company’s balance sheets are correct. This simply means that you check the accounts and make sure that all transactions have been valued correctly. Should the case be such that the balance sheet doesn’t match, we can also help with that.

Facilitate the process, come prepared

It will help us a lot if you are prepared. In addition to making the process go faster, you also avoid surprises. To facilitate our work, you should submit periodic reports, take an inventory of any inventories and ensure that income and expenses are reported on the correct side of the balance sheet date.

Financial statements for various company forms

  • Different company forms require different types of yearly financial statements, below you will find what your company must submit.
  • Limited Liability Companies must always submit yearly accounting report.
  • Trading companies and limited partnerships can submit yearly accounting report  or financial statements. What is to be submitted depends on the size of the company and whether the shareholders are natural or legal persons.
  • An individual company can submit a simplified yearly accounting report, yearly accounting report or special cases Years financial statements. What matters is how much you have traded during the fiscal year.
  • Economic associations must always submit Yearly financial statements.

Contact us and we can book a meeting where we can discuss how we can best help your company with financial statements. At Simsons Accounting agency you always get fast communication and feedback and a nice welcome.

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