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Years financial statements or Yearly accounting

Depending on the company’s size and revenues and whether the company consists of physical or legal partners, a trading company must close the financial year with Years financial statements or an Yearly report. If the company consists of only natural persons and is counted as a small company, Years financial statement must be prepared.

A company is considered larger if you meet two or more of these requirements for two years in a row.

  1. The average number of the company has been more than 50 employees in the last two years
  2. Balance sheet totals have amounted to more than SEK 40 million over the past two years

Net sales have amounted to more than SEK 80 million in the last two year. If the trading company is considered smaller and has a legal entity, you are allowed to prepare a simplified Yearly accounting report in accordance with the K2 regulations. But there is nothing to say that the company can not prepare its Yearly accounting report according to the K3 regulations even if it is counted as a smaller company.

Normally, trading companies don’t have an audit obligation. But if the company is counted as larger, see above, you are subject to an auditing obligation and must hire an auditor. If the company has at least one legal entity and meets two or more of these requirements, you also have an audit obligation.

  1. More than 3 employees
  2. Balance sheet total of more than 3 millionkr
  3. Net sales in excess of SEK 3 million

Years financial statement and Yearly accounting content

The Years financial statement must include the trading company’s financial position at the end of the financial year in the form of a balance sheet, a compilation of income and expenses compiled in the income statement and notes, or additional information as it is also called, to the balance sheet and income statement.
Like the Years financial statement, the Yearly report must contain a balance sheet, a profit and loss account and notes. It must also include a report on changes in capital and a board of directors report that describes the company’s development, results and position. Cash flow analysis must also be included in the trading company is considered larger, see requirements above.

Please contact us and we can discuss in more detail how we can help your company with Years financial statement or Yearly reports. At Simsons accounting agency, we always work with the customer in focus, where we develop tailor-made solutions that suit your individual needs.

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