Get help with bookkeeping

Does your company need help with current bookkeeping? Hand over the bookkeeping work to us at Simson’s Accounting firm in Stockholm. We help you keep track of the numbers so you have more time to focus on your core business. Our accounting consultants have broad expertise in current accounting and have worked with bookkeeping in several different company forms
At Simson’s Accounting firm in Stockholm, you always get tailor-made solutions adapted to your individual needs at favorable prices. We offer a number of different services in bookkeeping.
  • Current bookkeeping
  • Customer and supplier invoices
  • Payroll management
  • Inventory management
  • VAT & tax returns
  • Payments & reconciliations
  • Monthly financial statements
If you want to take care of parts of the bookkeeping yourself or feel that any service is unnecessary, we can together develop a plan for you. For us, it is important that you can decide for yourself what you want help with and not have to pay for unnecessary services.

Current Bookkeeping  explained

Let’s explain in more detail how your current bookkeeping will go. With current bookkeeping, you post all business events in chronological order based on how they occur. You should also have a coupon for every corporate event, this could be a receipt or invoice proving that the event took place. As a business owner, you must follow good accounting practices; this means that all cash and payments must be booked the next business day.
There are two different ways in which you can manage your current bookkeeping. This is the cash method or the billing method. You can choose the cash method if your net sales don’t exceed SEK 3 million and then book the date you receive payment. With the invoice method, you instead book twice, once when you receive the invoice and once when it is paid. If you have any questions or concerns about current bookkeeping, just contact us. We are always here to answer questions and see which method best suits your business.

Fast feedback and communication

We always want to be able to help our customers in the best possible way with their bookmaking. We, therefore place a lot of emphasis on personal treatment, quick feedback and good communication. Every month you will receive reports from us that compile the past period where you can ask questions or get advice regarding the result. Our goal is to always be there and give advice regarding your company’s development. Contact us so we can book a meeting where we can discuss how we can best help you with the bookkeeping!


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