Your accounting firm in Huddinge

They say, time is money and we can just agree with that. When you do your own business you shouldn’t have to think about how to book invoices, receipts and purchases for the company. We want to ease the burden and let you focus on what you do best, to drive your business forward and increase profitability.

We recommend that you hire an accounting firm located nearby, it makes it easier both for you and for us. The contact becomes faster, easier and above all more personal. Being able to quickly book and have a meeting is something we value incredibly much. We have been delivering accounting services in Huddinge for several years now and can proudly say that we have many satisfied customers who are still with us today.

Our services

As your local bookkeeping firm in Huddinge, we can help you with several different services, like accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, reconciliations, reporting, annual reports and more.

We are of course flexible and it is you who decides what you want to pay for and how often, together we develop the perfect solution for you.

The personal accounting firm. We offer everything in accounting and bookkeeping at very favourable prices.