Are you considering selling your business? It must prepare well before selling a company. It can also be very helpful to get help from a financial advisor to make an overall assessment of the company and get in touch with potential buyers and offers. In today’s article, we talk about what you need to think about and prepare for the sale of a company.

Förarbete inför försäljning av företaget

Before you sell the company, it’s important to think about and prepare for how you want the process to go and how you look to the future of the company. Talk to people who have good knowledge of the company. This can be your bank, accounting or auditing firm or law firm. Discuss how you want the sale to go and when you plan to sell. Also, brainstorm which potential buyers there are and how you want the company to evolve. Also, start by making a summary of the financial situation and generate key figures to help the company’s pricing. Also, review existing agreements with customers, suppliers, and employees prior to selling.

Pris på företaget

Many factors come into play regarding the company’s price. Among other things, you should review how the market looks now and in the future, tax implications and development opportunities for the company. These factors are weighed together and the overall assessment of the company setting the price is reached.

The company’s price is also affected by its value to the individual buyer. A buyer may be looking to acquire the company in order to achieve a certain competency or to gain a larger market share in the industry in which it operates. This can lead to an increase in sales price. The buyer’s financial situation has a significant impact on the price of the company and the current socio-economic situation.

Hitta köpare

After reaching a price, it’s time to find a buyer. Potential buyers can be anything from employees in the same industry to competitors. Selling to an employee can be beneficial because they have great knowledge of the business and can feel safe with employees and customers. Selling to another company, such as a competitor or customer, results in a higher price than selling to an employee.

It is important to have several potential buyers to find the right buyer and get the right price. In this case, it may be good to seek help from a financial advisor who contacts potential buyers and assists with bidding. Once bidding begins, it’s important to review each bidder to see how they plan to finance the acquisition and what their future vision looks like for the company. It’s important to check if the buyer can actually complete the purchase.

Kontrollera köparen

It is not just the prospective buyer’s future plans and finances that need to be evaluated. Det finns bedragare på marknaden som erbjuder sig att köpa företag. Therefore, care should be taken not to show warning signs when negotiating with a potential buyer. Warning signals include whether the buyer in question is willing to pay a fraction of the black price, is only available online without an actual office, or has the company expedited the entire purchasing process to gain ownership as quickly as possible.

In order to check the buyer, one should therefore ask for references from others, seek information about the company and assess their capacity to continue to run the company. Always be careful and do an in depth analysis of the buyer before entering a deal. If you stay on the board of a company you sell, even if you no longer own it, you can be liable if something goes wrong with the company.

After reaching a buyer, you need to start preparing for the sale of the company.

Förbered företaget efter försäljning

Prepare the company well for sales. It is important to make sure that everything in the declaration is correct when you have sold the company. Check that the correct tax, fees and income are reported in the tax return. Also, make sure you have arrangements for agreements and administrative documents. Are there deals that need to be removed or changed? Or projects that need to be completed before buying?

Ensure processes, routines and production documentation are up to date for current and new owners. Also document the main business and review the company’s business plan if it needs to be changed or updated before it is handed over to the new owner. Also, check for assets that should not be included in the business, this may be at the buyer’s request or facilitate the transfer. Check with the buyer if they have any contract dates in the near future, such as properties that are important to the buyer.

Konsultation och rådgivning

After the sale, the new buyer may want to seek ongoing help and consultation with the seller at the beginning to properly run the company. In these situations, it’s always best to write an agreement with the buyer about the consultation you need to have. The consultation agreement should clearly state how and for how long the consultation will take.


If you need advice on selling a company or an overall assessment of the company’s financial condition prior to a sale, you can contact us at Simsons Accounting Agency.

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