Is it time to take the plunge and hire your first staff? Taking the first step towards hiring staff at your company is an important part of company development and is often a requirement for improvement. Once you’ve decided to look for potential people, it may be good to sit down and calculate the cost of hiring.

Before seeing which salary is reasonable, there are several costs that are added on top of the salary to be paid and by carefully reviewing the costs. Let’s examine the different costs you should keep track of when calculating the total cost of an employee.

Så mycket kostar det att anställa personal

When you need to calculate the cost of hiring a person, you think about what the salaried employee should receive. But what many people who don’t manage or start a business don’t think about are the costs added to the paycheck. Vacation pay, insurance, employer contributions, special payroll tax, and other costs are added when hiring. Let’s go through them one by one and calculate what they might look like and what the total cost would be.


Someone’s salary is dependent on many different factors. Depending on the industry in which you operate, how much experience you have, what tasks you are responsible for, etc. may be connected. The list goes on and on. Salary can be monthly or hourly (hourly salary). The pre-tax paycheck, called the gross pay, is used to calculate both the holiday pay and the employee’s social security contributions.


If you do not belong to a collective agreement, you calculate the holiday pay for the employee by taking the salary multiplied by 12%. If you have a collective agreement, you may use a percentage other than 12% and the sum will be calculated differently. The holiday pay will not be calculated on a lower percentage even if you have a collective agreement. Rather, it is often a higher percentage with collective agreements.


Contracted insurance costs may vary depending on the age of the employee and the wages in collective agreements. In most cases, the cost is calculated by multiplying the total salary (salary + vacation pay) by 5%. If the company doesn’t have a collective agreement, you can choose the place where you want to sign the contract for pension and insurance. If the company is involved in a collective agreement, there are specific provisions to follow regarding where to sign the agreement.

Särskild löneskatt

You also pay a special payroll tax on retirement expenses of 24.26% as an employer.


Employer contributions should be paid by the employer. Employer contribution can vary, but the usual rate is 31.42%. The pay may vary depending on the age of the employee. To calculate the employer contribution, you need to multiply the total amount of salary (salary + vacation pay) by 31.42%.

Övriga kostnader

When you’re hiring, there may be other costs, such as medical allowance and materials, to get the person to do the job. Review the costs the company will bear to bring in a new person. According to the sector in which the company operates, it can be clothes, shoes, computers, tools and office equipment.

Other costs related to benefits may be added. There may be educational and training materials so that the employee can develop and learn new skills. In the event of sickness, there may also be sickness benefits payable. Sickness benefit can be paid for a maximum of 14 days, after which you can apply for sickness benefit at the social security office.

Don’t forget to add other costs to your calculation!

Exempel på kostnad för en anställd

In the example below, we will count on hiring a person with a monthly salary of 35,000 SEK. The insurance cost we use is 5%, the special payroll tax for the employee is 24.26%, and for salaried employees 4.5%. Employer contributions are paid in full, without deductions.

Salary: 35,000 SEK

Vacation pay: 35,000 x 12% = SEK 4,200

Contract insurance: (35,000 + 4,200) x 5% = SEK 1,960

Employer contributions: (35,000 + 4,200) x 31.42% = SEK12,316.64

Special payroll tax: ((35,000 + 4,200) x 4.5%) x 24.26% =SEK427.95 

Supplement: SEK18,904.59 

Total: SEK 53,904.59

In the event of sickness based on vacation pay, in addition to the sickness allowance, other employment-related costs may be added as benefits or supplies.

Kostnaden vs. tiden du frigör

Now that we’ve developed exactly how to calculate the total cost of hiring someone, there’s something else you need to take into account. This is because you can save free time by hiring someone who can share tasks with you. Having someone to share the information with can save you a lot of money and help the company get more information so you can continue growing.

They say time is money and it’s true. Getting outside help with management and paying the salary can help you if you feel that dealing with an employee takes a lot of time and administration. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you’ve already had outside help with accounting and financial statements, you can definitely talk to them about helping you.

Jobba tillsammans

It might be good to have ice in your stomach on your first hire. Don’t stress. Not everything depends on several years of experience and qualifications that a person has. Instead, it’s important to recruit someone you can work with. Working well as a team is essential when you start bringing people into the company. When you start recruiting and hiring people who contributed to the development of the company, you will think why I didn’t do this before.


If you have more questions about the costs associated with hiring, or if you would like to learn more about what help you can get from a payroll accounting firm, you can contact us. At Simsons Accounting Agency you can create a bespoke plan with the services you want help with. Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

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