Invoicing is an essential part of any business management. If you are not sure that your invoices have been sent, you will not be able to get paid and continue to run the company. When sending an invoice, there are certain things to keep in mind and things to include. In this article, we examine what the invoice is, what the invoice is in paper or electronic format, what should be included in the invoice you send to the customer, and we give some tips for those of you who are interested in e-invoices. Benefits of moving to electronic format.

Vad är en faktura?

An invoice is a document sent to a company or private person with a request to pay for the products or services they have purchased. The invoice should indicate, among other things, the amount payable and due date. But more about that a little later!

An invoice can be in paper or electronic form. Electronic invoices are called e-invoices and are different from paper invoices. A scanned paper invoice is not considered an e-invoice, but an e-invoice must conform to current regulations.

As of April 1, 2019, all purchases made in the public sector must be invoiced via e-invoice. If your company chooses to switch to e-invoicing, it is important that you consult with your customers and check that they have programs that can receive the e-invoices you send.

Fördelar med e-faktura

More companies are choosing to use e-invoicing and the benefits are known to be greater . A big advantage of e-invoices is that you remove the human error factor that can occur when writing an invoice manually. You don’t have to worry that the wrong amount would be written or that the recipient may misinterpret the invoice due to poorly scanned invoice images.

Managing your invoicing electronically also saves you a lot of time All customer information is already stored in invoicing systems and you can easily create new invoices to send. The time to send the invoice is also greatly reduced, so you can get paid faster after pressing the “send” button and a few minutes after the invoice reaches the customer.

Sending by mail does have its risks because there may be delays or the invoice may be lost in the mail. With e-invoice, you are sure that the invoice reaches the recipient directly and it also reduces the risk of fake invoices. Lastly, e-invoicing is much more environmentally friendly. You don’t have to print lots of paper with less transport and environmental emissions . After sending an electronic invoice, all paper invoices must be saved digitally to avoid having to archive them.

Skapa en faktura

An invoice can be created both manually or in a billing program. Creating an invoice in a billing program certainly has its advantages, as, among other things, you can access product records and design the invoice for easy identification by adding the company logo at the top of the invoice. But for those of you who don’t have access to invoicing software and perhaps send invoices less often, you can create your own invoices by using an invoice template which you fill in or you create your own document in Word where you include all the information that an invoice must contain.

Vad ska en faktura innehålla?

For an invoice to be approved, it must contain certain information. The invoice must clearly state:

  • The date for the invoice should be written on the invoice.
  • The Invoice number
  • Your company’s VAT registration number.
  • Your name and address
  • The buyer’s name and address
  • The scope and nature of the product or service
  • Specification that describes what the invoice covers
  • Price
  • When the product or service was sold
  • Tax base
  • momssatsen
  • If it is VAT-free sales or how much VAT will be paid

It should also include:

  • Terms of payment
  • Plus and bank transfer
  • If your company has F-tax
  • If it is a credit bill or partial bill
  • Delivery terms
  • Reference to orders

Don’t forget to save all invoices for your own bookkeeping!

Vad är en förenklad faktura?

if the amount doesn’t exceed SEK 4,000, you can issue a simplified invoice. A simplified invoice does not need to have as much information as a regular invoice to be valid. Simplified billing can be good for those who don’t have the technical means to generate invoices in a billing program. The simplified invoice must be included:

  • Issue date of invoice
  • product or service sold
  • Who is the salesman
  • Invoice amount (maximum SEK 4,000 incl. VAT)
  • Information about VAT if it is possible to calculate

Vad är en kontantfaktura?

A cash invoice is like a receipt for a purchase. When someone buys a product or service from you as a business owner, you have to provide a receipt as proof of purchase. If the company uses a cash register system, you will receive the receipt from there, which you give directly to the customer.

But if you do not have access to a cash register system and you normally send invoices, you can in cases where the customer wants to pay cash directly send a cash invoice. Many companies that use swish payment choose cash invoices for the customers who shop from them on site.


If you have more questions about invoicing or want advice on a good invoicing system, you are warmly welcome to contact us. We have extensive invoicing expertise and can help you choose the right invoicing program for your company’s needs.

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