Bookkeeping Help

At Simsons Accounting agency, we have extensive experience and expertise in bookeeping and can help you who run trading companies. We offer a range of services that are put together in a basic package at a favourable price. The basic package includes the following:

  • Current recording (of transaction)
  • Customer and supplier invoices
  • Payroll Management
  • Inventory Management
  • VAT and tax returns
  • Payments and reconciliations
  • Monthly financial statements

For us, it is important that you as a customer can choose the services that suit the company’s conditions. We can therefore produce customized packages according to your needs. Together, we discuss what the company needs and develop a plan to facilitate your bookkeeping work. This may look different. It may be that we handle the current bookkeeping and monthly financial statements while you handle customer and supplier invoices. You can also choose to submit the entire bookkeeping to us, where we will produce reports at the end of the month that explain the company’s financial situation. It is important for us that you can choose the services you need. If the need changes as the company develop, services can always be added to your current plan.

We help you keep track of the numbers

As a customer with us at Simsons Accounting agency, you get a close look at the company’s finances. Each month, you will receive reports describing the company’s financial situation. In the reports, you can see the balance sheet for the previous period, the income statement and accounts receivable from customers and suppliers. We help you know exactly how much comes in and out of the company and how much tax and VAT needed is paid to the Swedish Tax Agency. We are also always here to answer any questions regarding the reports or provide advice regarding decisions based on the financial reporting

Personal accounting agency

For us at Simson’s accounting agency, the relationship between customer and firm is A and O. We see our customers as colleagues where we work together to achieve your company’s financial goals. The company’s bookkeeping will be handled by one of our dedicated accounting consultants who have broad knowledge regarding current recording (of transaction), bookkeeping programs and financial statements. With us, you can always come up with ideas about things regarding finances and the company. We are always here to provide support and advice. For us, it is important to be able to share our knowledge and be there to support the company’s development.

If you want to know more about our services or book a meeting where we can discuss how we can help your trading company with bookkeeping, please contact us.

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