Bookkeeping Private Company

Let us relieve you so you can develop your individual company. Our bookkeeping services are affordable and include everything you need.

Get help with bookkeeping

Anyone who has a sole proprietorship, or sole proprietor as it is also called, is legally liable for bookkeeping. If you don’t have previous experience of bookkeeping , it can feel both cumbersome and time-consuming to bookkeeping.
It can also be difficult to know which bookkeeping software would best suit your business. Here at Simson’s Accounting agency, we can help you with a sole proprietorship to handle the bookkeeping.

At Simson’s Accounting agency, we offer bookkeeping services for you with a sole proprietorship. We always work to meet your individual needs and develop solutions that suit both parties. Depending on what you feel you want to help the bookkeeping, we can develop a tailor-made package of services at favorable prices.

That you as a customer should be able to choose which service or services you want help with is very important to us. It may be that we handle the bookkeeping while you continue to handle the invoicing or we can take over the entire bookkeeping so that you have more time and facilitate your work and be able to focus more on your company.

We offer:

  • Current recording (of transaction)
  • Customer and supplier invoices
  • Payroll Management
  • Inventory Management
  • VAT and tax returns
  • Payments and reconciliations
  • Monthly financial statements

We help you keep track

In bookkeeping, there are many laws and rules to keep an eye on. It can also be difficult to know exactly how much to pay in taxes. We are then here to help you and give advice in all situations. We produce financial reports that will help you keep track of the company’s financial situation.

If you choose to handle parts of the bookkeeping yourself, we are also there to support you with advice on what should be booked and what rules apply. When starting an individual company, it can be difficult at first to know what is to be booked at the company and what are personal expenses. A good basic rule in such situations is to think that it should always be booked if there is something needed to be able to run the company. Say you have a company where you sell firewood, if you then buy a chainsaw to be able to saw the wood, the chainsaw must be picked up and booked.

Save both time and money

When you take care of everything yourself in an individual company, it always feels as if there is not enough time for everything that needs to be done. We, therefore, want to be able to offer affordable services so you can save both time and money.

As your business grows, we can add additional services to meet the company’s development and needs. You are warmly welcome to contact us and we can discuss in more detail which bookkeeping services your company needs and how we can best help you.

The personal accounting agency. We offer everything within accounting and bookkeeping  at very favorable prices.